Open your knowledge to the public

Knowledge will make this a better world. You’re here to do communications.

Easy, isn’t it?

Then the experts arrive with their text. Sacred text. A lot. While your audience has a phone screen, or a mere minute to spare.

Everyone knows: that won’t work. But you have to solve it.

Now what?

Add me to your team. I will harness that mountain of information and turn it into something visual. I believe it’s possible, valuable content with an enticing form.

I’ll make sure everyone gets it.
It will make you happy.
And me, too.

Visualisation writing accessible knowledge

Visual stories for visitors


Your place is beautiful and also of great importance? Tell your visitors everything they need to know, and they will become enthusiasts.

Interpretive signage done right. For indoor and outdoor use.

Accerion for intralogistics

Visualisations for marketing


Need help explaining technology to your customers? Forget about the specifications and start the conversation with clear visuals.

Visuals and text for pitch decks, bid books and animations.

Visualisation writing accessible knowledge

XXL information


Your knowledge deserves an audience. Unfortunately, people don’t have time for completeness. Let’s create a concise version.

Design and editing for heavy content. Reports, books, exhibitions and social media.

FW training visual communication

Visual communication training


You wallow in text, while prefering images and infographics. You also have to defend your choices all the time. Tricky! Time for a master class.

Training, individual or in-company, through the best training platforms

Here Beauty Flows ” is a truly tremendously beautiful and above all human result. Really such a totally different perspective than we geologists are used to. In this booklet, daily users of landscape talk about his/her area lvingly. You feel their connection. Extremely well done. In addition, explanations of all relevant geological phenomena are given. Stunning! The drawings add style and character to the whole thing.”

Walter Jonkers
Project coordinator for the UNESCO Global GeoPark Scheldt Delta

“It’s nice how Klaas empathizes and absorbs all that information. Not easy to explain, our technology. Our tech people and sales people are very happy with the visuals. They are beautiful and very useful.”

Eric van Heijningen
Marketing Manager at Unconstrained Robotics

“Klaas’ great strength is in his ability to interrogate our ways of thinking when it comes to the way we are presenting our data, developing quick and creative iterations of the figure or infographic in question. This way, we are able to work with the researchers to arrive at the most meaningful visualizations.
We also work to very strict deadlines and Klaas has never let us down, going above and beyond to ensure we meet our commitments.”

Anna Massey
Communications manager at Access to Medicine Foundation

“A training full of interesting eye openers. At the end of the day I really dared to think images instead of that same old text. Learned a lot, very knowledgeable trainer, not only in terms of knowledge and competence of the subject, but also as a facilitator very pleasant and good. Surprising and creative structure, beautiful content.”

Annemarie Vis
Broadcasting intermediary – NPO

designer / editor

I am a designer who visualizes and writes.
And yes, thinking, figuring things out and having them appear in someone else’s head, that’s what I live for.

more about visualising and writing

start with the form

You can write and consult all you want, but if your wordcount and language don’t match the behavior of your audience, forget it. The remedy? Start with the shape, and fill it with just the right content.

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klaas van der veen - maps and plans, BAM

Talking about images?

Meetings and phone calls about visual issues are silly. Talking about images can only succeed using images. Sketches, mood boards and mockups. Check your story before you spend a lot of money on it.

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klaas van der veen - maps and plans, BAM

intimacy and character

Precise information is what you need. But why is it so abstract and neutral? What you’re looking for is a story that engages the reader. You will find it if you spend a lot of time with the subject, and by talking to the right people.

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klaas van der veen - maps and plans, BAM