about klaas

Yes, I’ll have a go.

Klaas, my experts have come up with something clever,but our audience is hooked on clicking. What can I do?
People really want to know things. To me, that’s a fact. But a text written by specialists, no one’s up for that. Investors, decision makers and professionals included.

My experts just about die when I say ‘shorten it’.
How do I convince them?

I’ll fix that for you. I’ll go and see them in the lab, in the field or on the factory floor. That’s where they talk fondly about their craft, using everyday words.

klaas van der veen designer, editor, writer, designer and so on

And? What is your secret?

You are welcome to know. I absorb all Word documents and technical drawings, but do not use them as a starting point.

I approach things from the other side

I say, “suppose your reader sees this” and then I sketch the big picture AND tasty details on a sheet. Right in front of you.

Pooh, they’re going to find that a bit too exciting for comfort.

I can hear them thinking: ‘a designer, tinkering with our life’s work’. Yes, I would also prefer to write down everything. But hey, common stuff like websites, animations or powerpoints require a new format for your work.

And they let you get away with that?

Yes, because I like precise people, they notice right away. And I don’t talk design-talk or use post-its. That will make you all very happy, I’d say.

How did you come to do this work?

I was given an impossible assignment a long time ago. There had to be 3 events in Dutch history depicted on 3 stamps. Within 3 weeks. The post people said “we called you because we thought you would say yes”. I was quite offended. Wasn’t their choice based on my design talent? But they meant: there is a library full of material, who dares to cast it in 24×36 millimeters? Yes, I’ll have a go at that.

What’s it called, your job?

Designing, editing, visualization. It’s all about selecting and presenting valuable knowledge. Because knowledge is richess only when it reaches its audience. Think of me as a mediator, between your fortress of knowledge and all those people outside the gate.

I just make sure everyone understands you.

Is that a promise?

Haha, everyone has a brand promise these days, so yes, that’s mine. I’d rather say: I just come and make something.
Making, that’s where it all begins.

I work(ed) as an editor/designer for, among others (clients with English as the main language have an asterisk*):

Access to Medicine Foundation*
Vogelbescherming Nederland
Geopark Scheldt Delta
Stichtse Rijnlanden Water Board
Aeres University of Applied Sciences
Langhenkel Training and Consulting
Amsterdam ArenA
Ministry of I & M
De Vrijer and Van Dongen

Questionmark Intelligence / Superlist
Unconstrained Robotics
Ewals eLogistics
Wareco Engineers
Aveco De Bondt
Zoontjens Concrete
Municipality of Alkmaar
Province of Zeeland
Province of East Flanders
010 Publishers

Geomorphology & Landscape
Huygens Institute / KNAW
IVN Nature Education
Plein C
National Institute of Cultural Heritage.
Rijksdienst voor Kunsthistorische Documentatie
Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam
Atelier Rijksbouwmeester
KNP Telecom
TPG Post
Liberty Global International*
Turing Foundation