Open up your knowledge to any audience

Your knowledge is meant to help people. But that’s easier said than done.

You have long texts with lots of jargon. You’d rather have a visual form. Fit for any audience. All you want is everyone to understand you.

I get that.

Choose a service below and you’ll see how I work and how I help people like you.

Making knowledge accessible

Visual stories for visitors


Your location or building is beautiful, and of ecological, historical or geological importance. You want a readable entity, not separate bits of subject matter. Preferably something visual, and fitting the visitor’s prior knowledge. Because they would love to know more.

Writing and illustrating the best visitor information.

Making knowledge accessible

XXL information


Your experts have gathered a ton of information and stories. But what will you show to citizens, administrators and journalists? Do you create infographics for socials? Harness that mountain of information and create a short version. And yes, I’m comfortable working as part of an English-speaking team creating international content.

Design and editing for heavy content.

Accerion for intralogistics

Visualizations for marketing


Technology fascinates, but geeky stories turn people off. You want a visual conversation starter. So you can inform investors, executives and other non-techies about the impact of your invention.

Visuals and text for pitch decks, bid books and animations.

Training in infographics and image editing


I teach you how to turn long pieces of text and data into something your audience will love. Making knowledge accessible, with an eye for trends and society. Not just pulling something off the shelf but working according to a plan.

Training, individual or in-company, through the best training platforms

Coming soon: for design firms


There’s a client whose content is driving you mad. Your design reputation doesn’t help at all; the project gets bogged down because of the unwieldy content. The experts and the curators balk.
Let me make the content manageable for your people so that your design skills can flourish.

Fitting writing, amazing visuals

Is your problem not listed? Feel free to call me. I am happy to refer you if the work does not suit me.

What budget should I think about?

Finding and creating a compact format, in which text and images complement each other seamlessly, takes a lot of time. So yes, that costs money. But my clients value the results. I prefer to work for a fixed price and stay within budget. The question “can you make something for a small budget?” is one I unfortunately answer with “no.

How long will it take to finish?

Most projects last from 2 months to 1 year. Not because design takes so much time, but because getting to the bottom of a subject and finding out what will engage people is difficult. My work usually stirs the client and will alter the way they see their organisations task. “Do we want to word it like this?

Do you work within our corporate identity?

Yes, please, that’s very convenient. For infographics, I am happy to devise additions to your corporate identity manual. For unique products that completely elude your existing style or branding, we come up with something new.

What are you, designer or writer?

Both, is that allowed? I know that image and text will do a better job better if you develop them simultaneously. They complement each other beautifully. I think visually, but hate “1 picture says more than 1,000 words. I love language. Writing must be done well, so I have little patience for bombastic or vague writing. I am trained as a designer, but take a writing course every year.

I see little digital work, what about that?

Most of my work, is “figuring out what needs to be told. Writing, structuring and visualizing. This is not tied to web, print or object. However, it is important that your team also has builders, UX people, motion designers or animators on board. These specialists do work that I cannot do. But they continually ask for decisions that I dare to make because I’ve got everything figured out. Another thing: digital reading is often ephemeral and individual. I hope that gets better over time.

How sustainably do you work?

My studio runs on solar power, I do not own a car, and the products I deliver are made from sustainable materials as much as possible. Sometimes that is “recyclable,” and sometimes that is actually made of material that lasts a very long time.

What kind of work will you refuse to do?

If you tell me “this is the text you’ll have to work with” that’s a red flag to me. Because content and appearance are best developed simultaneously. By the way, I can explain to you very well why I am convinced of this, so don’t hesitate to ask.

Needless to say: projects that do no good to people, animals or the planet will manage without me.


At Natuurmonumenten, Klaas advised to change as little as possible, very refreshing.

Sjoerd Kaarsemaker
Project Manager