The transformation of content

The transformation of content

I would love get rid of an annoyance I have as an editor.

I walk through an exhibition and see two separate things: form and content. The form is fun, with walls and displays and exhibits and interactive stuff. But the form has nothing to do with the content. The designers pasted the content.

You can trace the content back to it’s origin document or a database. You can also see that the structure of the information stems from the system of historians or researchers.

I don’t understand how this can be, this disconnection between creators and thinkers.
All I know is that in the production process this causes enormous misery. It costs money and content people will be dissatisfied. The reader experiences the exhibition as loose sand.

The solution is clear: transform the content into exhibition-ready content. Content should not come directly from the pen of experts, but through the pen of an editor.

But I can’t put that to paper just now.

I dare not claim anything about it.
But I am sure:
this could be better.